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Short Term Medical Overview

Here’s how to use Assurant Health STM’s advantages over Anthem VA’s Short Option plan.

Prescription drug coverage

Assurant Health STM customers enjoy coverage of prescription drugs (charges apply toward deductible) and a drug card for instant savings on prescriptions and automatic claims submission from participating pharmacies. Anthem VA does not offer a prescription drug savings card.

Customers choose their own doctors and hospitals

Assurant Health STM plans guarantee that customers can choose their own primary care physicians and hospitals with no penalty. When customers of Anthem VA use doctors or hospitals outside the network, they must pay all amounts that exceed Anthem VA’s stated allowable amount.

Coverage for exactly as long as customers need it

With Assurant Health STM, customers can choose the exact number of days they want to be insured. Anthem VA customers must pay for coverage in monthly increments.

More choices in deductibles and coinsurance

Assurant Health STM customers choose one of six deductibles and three coinsurance options. Anthem VA offers only three deductibles and 80% coinsurance.

Greater lifetime maximum

Assurant Health STM plans allow for a lifetime benefit maximum of $2 million or $5 million per covered individual. Anthem VA maxes out at $1 million.

Payment options

Assurant Health STM customers can pay in a lump sum or month to month. Customers of Anthem VA must make a single payment up front.

"I'll only be without coverage for a few months, what could happen?"  "I'm strong and healthy. I don't need insurance. An accident will never happen to me.

No one is immune from unexpected accidents. A temporary health plan can protect you and your family from the high cost of medical care resulting from illnesses or injuries that strike when you are between permanent insurance policies.

How long can I be covered?

You can get coverage for as few as 30 days or as many as 365* days, depending on the state you live in.

* The 12-month Short Term Medical plan is not available in some states.
This Web site will only provide you with the ability to purchase plans available in your area.

Who is eligible:

* May vary by state.

Who is not eligible:

How the Plan Works

Short Term Medical is simple, flexible and affordable. You choose the policy

that best meets your needs and budget by selecting from the features below.
You can even apply and purchase online and be covered as early as the next day!

Design the Plan That's Right for You



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