Secure Online Express Health Insurance Underwriting


About Our Secure Online Express Health Insurance Underwriting

Many Internet sites are set up to prevent unauthorized people from seeing the information that is sent to or from those sites. These are called "secure" sites. The security protocols used by secure sites, enable the sending of  information to a secure site with safety and confidence. (A protocol is a set of rules and standards that enable computers to exchange information.)

Health Insurance Quotes America uses the secure encrypted pages of top rated health insurance carriers to secure your personal information.  In this manner your information is only seen by the insurance company of your choice.

When you visit a secure page, it automatically sends you its certificate, and displays a lock icon on the status bar. (A certificate is a statement verifying the identity of a person or the security of a Web site.

How do security certificates work?

A security certificate, whether it is a personal certificate or a Web site certificate, associates an identity with a "public key." Only the owner of the certificate knows the corresponding "private key." The "private key" allows the owner to make a "digital signature" or decrypt information encrypted with the corresponding "public key." When you send your certificate to other people, you are actually giving them your public key, so they can send you encrypted information that only you can decrypt and read with your private key.

The digital signature component of a security certificate is your electronic identity card. The digital signature tells the recipient that the information actually came from you and has not been forged or tampered with.

When you visit a secure Web site (one whose address starts with "https"), the site automatically sends you its certificate.