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Short Term Medical
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Health Insurance Quotes by Top Rated Companies

More companies equals the best opportunity to obtain the lowest quote!

Health Insurance Quotes America founders have in-depth health insurance experience dating back to 1976. Health Insurance Quotes America, through it's internet technology, now enables the public to select a top rated health insurance company, decide on an appropriate benefit plan, and apply online directly to the insurance company through secured channels.

We offer to share our knowledge in order for you to reach your goals and objectives.

We provide our clients with the best health insurance choices available!

We conduct business according to a high standard of honor and fairness. We render our service to our customers in the same manner which we would demand of ourselves

We  provide competent and customer focused sales and service

We provide advertising and sates materials that are clear as to purpose; and honest and fair as to content..

We provide for fair and expeditious handling of  customer complaints and disputes

We maintain a system of supervision and review that is reasonably designed to achieve compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

We've designed our state-of-the-art program specifically to be the fastest and easiest way to purchase the health insurance coverage you need.

States of Operation and License Numbers for Lewis David Fink d/b/a 36 Years Of service To Our Health Insurance Clientele

Alabama, A153378  Arkansas, 131898  California, 0C38446  Colorado, NPI00084882  Connecticut, 001045954
Delaware,105145  District of Columbia, AI1010317
  Florida,  EO30022 Georgia, AGN529279  Idaho, AL061198 Illinois, 059386394 Indiana, 283850N Iowa, IA00000001723742374 Kansas, 059386394 Kentucky, 315730
Louisiana, 261517 Maine, PRN70401 Maryland, NPI136933 Massachusetts, 1559760 Michigan, 059386394 Mississippi, 0002212 Missouri, 059386394 Montana, 29724 Nebraska, 059386394 New Jersey, 1035697
New York, LA-543770 New Mexico, 713637 North Carolina, 059386394 North Dakota, 059386394 Ohio, 059386394 Oklahoma, 935345 Pennsylvania, 205031 Rhode Island, 059386394 South Carolina, 105123
South Dakota, NP059386394 Tennessee, 0000793628 Texas, 1055172 Utah, 123743 Vermont, 94629
Virginia, 059386394-60801 Wisconsin, 2384091  

The quotes generated by this program are not a contract, binder, or agreement to extend coverage and are based on the listed factors and the applicable underwriting criteria for the rate shown. The exact premium can only be determined after an underwriting review and may be different or the policy may not be available. Your information is only shared with the company underwriter and never distributed in any other way. All health insurance definitions defined here are to be understood as being general definitions. These definition may vary by insurance company and may be found in the company policy or certificate of insurance. Not all products from all companies are available in all states.


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